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Christophe Dugué is a French qualified attorney, member of the Paris Bar since 1992 (Avocat au Barreau de Paris), who works in English and French as an independent counsel and arbitrator in international arbitration cases.


Christophe Dugué is an independent arbitrator and counsel based in Paris, France. Christophe Dugué has been practicing dispute resolution for over 30 years. After spending 20 years in leading international firms, including 17 years as a member of Shearman & Sterling international arbitration group in Paris (10 years as a Partner), he founded an international arbitration boutique firm before setting up his own practice.

Christophe Dugué works as counsel and serves as arbitrator in a wide range of ad hoc and institutional international arbitration cases, in which he performs written and oral advocacy in both English and French languages. These cases involved the civil laws of numerous jurisdictions, as well as common law and the laws of Islamic jurisdictions. The proceedings were held under the auspices of the main arbitral institutions, with the seat located in the major arbitration places.


Christophe Dugué has the experience of international arbitration for the resolution of international disputes, including both international commercial disputes and blockchain/crypto disputes.


International commerce has its own usages and, today, the emerging blockchain/crypto/smart-contracts/metaverse ecosystems tend to have a formulation of their own which has no dependency on real-world law-making. They nevertheless are governed by law (and to a growing extent regulations).

Thus, to make sure that users benefit from the trade usages and are not the victims of "code is law", it is essential that parties to international commercial transactions and to blockchain/crypto disputes can rely on an efficient dispute resolution mechanism that guarantees due process, together with proper application of law and due consideration of the usages of their industry. International Arbitration is a perfect fit for blockchain and crypto disputes.


With thirty years of practice in international commercial arbitration, Christophe Dugué has acted as lead counsel or served as arbitrator in over 100 international commercial arbitrations cases, governed by various institutional and ad hoc rules (including UNCITRAL), under numerous substantive laws, and with a variety of seats.

His expertise covers construction and civil engineering (including FIDIC), defence, distribution, energy and natural resources, financings, infrastructures, joint-ventures, M&A and shareholders disputes, and international commercial contracts. He also has experience in blockchain/crypto disputes resolution.


Christophe Dugué has been involved in a significant number of cases, with parties from all over the world, in disputes ranging from a few hundred thousand USD to several hundred million USD.

Whatever the amount at stake, any dispute is important for the parties and Christophe Dugué is as dedicated and strives at being as cost and time efficient in any of the cases in which he is involved.

Recent cases as arbitrator and as counsel include

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