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Arbitration in France – Global Legal Insight International Arbitration 2021 – Chapter France – Authored by Christophe Dugué

Global Legal Insight International Arbitration 2021 has been published on 16 April 2021

A comprehensive analysis of the main feature of international arbitration

This 7th edition contains a quick and comprehensive analysis of the main issues facing practitioners and parties to international arbitration and covers countries and in particular the main places of arbitration.

In 25 jurisdictions across the globe

In this edition are chapters on 25 jurisdictions, including the most important places of arbitration across the globe. This book covers Europe (Andorra, Austria, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland), Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore), the Middle-East (UAE), Africa (Kenya) and the Americas (Brazil, Cayman Islands, Canada, USA).

Each chapter is dedicated to a country and explores key topics including arbitration agreements and procedures, arbitrators, interim relief, arbitration awards, challenge and enforcement of awards, investment arbitration and decisions.

Available in hard copy and on GLI’s website

Available in hard copy, the book is also live on GLI website and is free to access here

Christophe Dugué is the author of the Chapter France of Global Legal Insight International Arbitration 2021

Since the 2nd edition published in 2016, Christophe Dugué is the author of the Chapter France of GLI’s International Arbitration book:

  • This chapter provides a quick overview of the main provisions of French law on arbitration (i.e., the Decree No. 2011-48 of 13 January 2011 which entered into force on 1 May 2011 with a focus on international arbitration, and some of the significant judicial decision made by the French Cour de Cassation and the Paris Court of Appeal.
  • Key issues include notably the importance of the seat of the arbitration and the favourable arbitration regime deriving from French law and the decisions of French courts, which explains why Paris is one of the preferred seats for international arbitration.
  • The chapter also explains the economic criterion which is used to determine when an arbitration is international.
  • Other topics include the arbitration agreement, the determination of what disputes are arbitrable, the principle of competence-competence, the principle of autonomy of the arbitration agreement, the main features of the arbitration procedure and procedural rules (due process, evidence, confidentiality, diligence and good faith), and developments dedicated to the arbitrators, interim relief, the making of the award, the effects of the award, the challenge and enforcement of the award, and investment arbitration.

Christophe Dugué’s latest contribution is available online here:

To access French law on arbitration:

Decree No. 2011-48 of 13 January 2011 (which entered into force on 1 May 2011)

In French, see

In English see

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