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Artificial intelligence: am I right to be worried? The choice is ours.

23 Aug 2023

Artificial intelligence: am I right to be worried? The choice is ours.
First published on LinkedIn on 23 August 2023 (available here).
As much as I'm a fan of new technologies and enthusiastic abou...

Can AI replace lawyers in International Arbitration? Or be used in International Arbitration - A [guided] interview of a generative AI

07 Jul 2023

This article was first published on LinkedIn on 30 June 2023 (see here)
I have finally decided to use a generative AI (thanks to Bing GPT) to generate a memo.
Spoiler: My conclusion is that It was ...

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Recognition of foreign judgments and terror attack—is France a haven for states that fund terrorism? (M [P] [X] v République islamique d’Iran) - Cour de cassation 28 June 2023, Pourvoi n°21-19.766

27 Jul 2023

This analysis was first published on Lexis+® UK on 24 July 2023 and can be found here (subscription required)
Arbitration analysis: In its decision of 28 June 2023, the French Cour de cassation con...


Paris Arbitration Week - Conference on Blockchain and Arbitration

20 Mar 2023

Christophe Dugué interviendra lors de la Paris Arbitration Week
Conférence CMAP - Médiation et Arbitrage « Blockchain, crypto, smart contract et metaverse : une opportunité à saisir pour l'arbitrag...


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