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Artificial intelligence: am I right to be worried? The choice is ours.

23 Aug 2023

Artificial intelligence: am I right to be worried? The choice is ours.
First published on LinkedIn on 23 August 2023 (available here).
As much as I'm a fan of new technologies and enthusiastic abou...

Intelligence artificielle : ai-je raison d’être inquiet ? À nous de choisir.

23 Aug 2023

Intelligence artificielle : ai-je raison d’être inquiet ? À nous de choisir.
Publié sur Linkedin le 23 août 2023 (ici)
J’ai beau être un adepte des nouvelles technologies, enthousiaste pour les dév...

Can AI replace lawyers in International Arbitration? Or be used in International Arbitration - A [guided] interview of a generative AI

07 Jul 2023

This article was first published on LinkedIn on 30 June 2023 (see here)
I have finally decided to use a generative AI (thanks to Bing GPT) to generate a memo.
Spoiler: My conclusion is that It was ...

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Recognition of foreign judgments and terror attack—is France a haven for states that fund terrorism? (M [P] [X] v République islamique d’Iran) - Cour de cassation 28 June 2023, Pourvoi n°21-19.766

27 Jul 2023

This analysis was first published on Lexis+® UK on 24 July 2023 and can be found here (subscription required)
Arbitration analysis: In its decision of 28 June 2023, the French Cour de cassation con...


Paris Arbitration Week - Conference on Blockchain and Arbitration

20 Mar 2023

Christophe Dugué interviendra lors de la Paris Arbitration Week
Conférence CMAP - Médiation et Arbitrage « Blockchain, crypto, smart contract et metaverse : une opportunité à saisir pour l'arbitrag...


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